What is Trehalose?

Trehalose is a natural double sugar (disaccharide). It forces your body to digest it slowly, which prevents a spike in blood sugar levels.

Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar found in plants, fungi, bacteria, and insects.
These organisms use trehalose to protect themselves from environmental conditions such as extreme heat or frost. Trehalose protects the proteins in their cells against protein damage.

Trehalose is also naturally found in edible mushrooms, honey, and some seafood. It is about 50% as sweet as classic sugar and creates a balanced flavour when combined with other Dr Coy’s sugars.

Trehalose at a glance

  • Prevents high blood glucose levels
  • Reduces risk of lifestyle diseases
  • Slows cellular ageing and damage
  • Supresses risk from free radicals
  • Lowers cortisol levels reducing stress
  • Provides steady, long-lasting energy
  • Tooth-friendly
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What makes Trehalose special

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Protects skin elasticity

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Reduces stress

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Fructose free

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Doesn’t spike blood glucose levels

Lower Stress Levels


Even though trehalose consists of two linked glucose building blocks, these are released slowly during digestion and prevent a spike in blood sugar and insulin.

Because trehalose provides the body with a steady supply of energy over an extended period of time, it is a good source of glucose for anyone under a lot of physical and mental strain.

In stressful situations, your body and especially your brain craves extra energy to prepare itself for a ‘fight or flight’ response.

Which is why you’re more likely to grab a sugary treat when you’re stressed.

Trehalose releases glucose when digested, giving your body the sugar hit it needs to lower your cortisol levels. It does this without spiking your blood sugar, preventing the ‘sugar crash’ feeling and further cravings. This also makes it a healthier option for people with diabetes or hypoglycaemia.

How does the calorie content of trehalose compare to sucrose?


Using the classic ‘a calorie is just a calorie model’ (developed in 1848) it’s hard to see the benefits of trehalose, but when we revise the model to reflect reality, we can see why it energises us very differently.

Making Energy from Metabolism

  • Trehalose is slowly digested and broken down into two sub-units of glucose.
  • The slow digestion leads to slow absorption, energy usage, and insulin secretion.
  • Trehalose has a slow and steady impact on blood glucose due to the slow release.
  • Trehalose offers long-lasting energy improving endurance.


  • The gradual energy release supports balanced blood sugar levels.
  • This helps prevents lethargy and cravings by avoiding a drop in blood sugar levels.
  • The glycaemic index (GI) is 38 which is 48% less than table sugar.
  • Trehalose tastes about 50% as sweet as table sugar.
Classic CaloriesFermenting CaloriesOxidising Calories
Trehalose3.62 kcal / g
3.62 kcal / g3.62 kcal / g
Sucrose4 kcal / g4 kcal / g4 kcal / g
The body extracts energy from food using two completely different pathways:

Oxidising (using oxygen to release pure energy)

Fermenting (creating energy and building blocks for new cells, including fat & cancer cells)

Trehalose’s unique metabolic effect makes it ideal for:

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What scientific evidence supports the use of trehalose?

Explore the latest scientific studies and peer-reviewed research on trehalose. Learn more about Dr Johannes Coy’s extensive research in the field of nutrition and metabolic health.

Frequently asked questions

Is trehalose safe?

Yes, trehalose is generally considered safe for consumption, but excessive consumption may lead to digestive discomfort in some individuals.

Is trehalose good for diabetics?

Trehalose has a low glycaemic index and does not require insulin for its uptake, which makes it a suitable sugar alternative for diabetics.

Can trehalose be used in cooking and baking?

Yes, trehalose is heat-stable and can be used in cooking and baking. It is suitable for use in any recipe that calls for sugar and dissolves quickly in both hot and cold liquids. Trehalose can be used for baking, and it browns well and caramelizes at high temperatures.

Does trehalose raise blood sugar levels?

Trehalose has a low glycaemic index and does not cause a significant increase in blood sugar levels.

Does trehalose raise insulin levels?

Trehalose is metabolized slowly and does not require insulin for its uptake, which means it does not cause a significant increase in insulin levels.

Is trehalose healthy?

Trehalose is considered a healthy sugar as it has a low glycaemic index, is tooth-friendly, and has antioxidant properties that may have health benefits.

Is trehalose keto-friendly?

Yes, trehalose can be used in a ketogenic diet as it does not cause significant increases in blood sugar levels.

Is trehalose fructose-free?

Yes, trehalose does not contain fructose (making it suitable for people who are sensitive or intolerant to fructose).

Is trehalose lactose-free?

Yes, trehalose does not contain lactose (suitable for lactose intolerant individuals).

Is trehalose gluten-free?

Yes, trehalose does not contain gluten (but could contain traces depending on manufacturing processes).

Is trehalose safe for cancer patients?

Trehalose represents a source for glucose and therefore should be consumed only in small amounts in a recommended dosage for cancer patients.

What is trehalose made from?

Trehalose can be found in some mushrooms and seaweed, but most commercially available trehalose is made through a fermentation process using cornstarch.

What does trehalose taste like?

Trehalose has a slightly sweet taste that is similar to sugar.

What is trehalose?

Trehalose is a naturally occurring disaccharide that is composed of two glucose molecules linked together

Where can I buy trehalose?

The best way to incorporate trehalose into your diet is by using Dr Coy’s sugar mixtures. These mixtures have been scientifically developed to help lead a healthier lifestyle. Discover the full range of Dr Coy’s sugar mixtures from our partners.

Research & Resources

Futher Studies:

Scientists have been studying the effects of trehalose, and its benefits compared to table sugar (sucrose.)

In 2017, researchers found trehalose to have the potential as a therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease.

Trehalose Improves Cognition in the Transgenic Tg2576 Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

The journal of cellular physiology published a study exploring trehalose as a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.

“The role of trehalose as an innovative drug in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and other illnesses opening a new scenario of intervention in conditions difficult to be treated.”

Autophagy induction by trehalose: Molecular mechanisms and therapeutic impacts