Dr Coy’s Sweet Mix for Sports Training

Dr Coy’s Sweet Mix for Sports Training supports athlete’s endurance and performance during training.

This mixture provides long-lasting, sustained energy, which is crucial for performance, endurance, and muscle building/repair.

Specially adapted for the needs of athletes, it’s ideal for optimizing oxidative metabolism and enabling a constant supply of energy for the entire body.

This mixture of natural, low-calorie sugars avoids spiking blood sugar levels, guarantees long-lasting energy, and supports healthy gut bacteria.

We recommend blending Sweet Mix for Sports Training with water, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries to create a healthy sports drink.

Sweeten drinks or snacks before, during and after training, such as:

  • Tea & coffee
  • Fruit salads
  • Cold desserts
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
Sweet Mix Sports Training


  • Optimized to support intense athletic training
  • Provides steady supply of energy
  • Low GI (Glycemic Index)
  • Low calorie
  • Supports healthy gut bacteria
  • Balances blood sugar levels**
  • Tooth-friendly***

**“Consumption of drinks containing tagatose or isomaltulose instead of sugar, induces a lower blood glucose rise compared to sugar containing drinks.” – EFSA

***“Consumption of drinks containing tagatose or isomaltulose instead of sugar, contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization.” – EFSA

Nutritional Value per 100g
Energy370 kcal
Energy1545 kg
Of which Saturates0
Of which sugars95.9g

Why use Dr Coy’s sugars to support high intensity sports training?

Sports drinks and energy bars that contain classic sugars may provide a quick energy boost, but they can also cause health problems, reduced performance, and injuries when consumed over the long term.

Classic sugars cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels and fail to provide an even supply of energy during training. However, the body requires constant energy to maintain endurance performance and achieve muscle growth. 

Dr Coy’s Sweet Mix for Sports Training provides athletes with an intelligent sugar mixture that supports performance by preventing spikes in blood sugar levels.

Discover more about achieving optimal athletic performance with Dr Coy’s sugars

What are the advantages of using isomaltulose, trehalose, ribose, galactose for athletes?

Energy Boost: Trehalose

Trehalose is a double sugar (disaccharide) composed of two glucose molecules. Trehalose helps maximise an athlete’s energy output. It is slowly metabolized by our body, which provides a reliable source of energy. Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar found in plants, fungi, bacteria, and insects. These organisms use trehalose to protect themselves from environmental conditions such as extreme heat or frost.

Metabolic Support: Isomaltulose

As a double sugar (disaccharide), isomaltulose consists of the same components as conventional household sugar – glucose and fructose – but has a lower glycaemic index which helps support a healthy metabolism. Isomaltulose enables a safe and continuous delivery of energy to the body and protects teeth from decay. Isomaltulose is naturally found in honey.

DNA Builder: Ribose

Ribose is a simple sugar with a Glycaemic Index = 0 and is also gentle on the teeth. Ribose is an important sugar which forms the building blocks of DNA. It is naturally found in glucose and obtained from corn by fermentation.

Brain Fuel: Galactose

Galactose is a simple sugar (monosaccharide), with a low glycaemic index and low-calorie content. Galactose is naturally found in very small quantities in artichokes, mushrooms, papayas, and tomatoes. It is a natural component of milk sugar (lactose) therefore it is naturally found in fermented milk products such as kefir and buttermilk and even breast milk. However, unlike lactose, galactose can be tolerated by people with lactose intolerance.

 It helps provide long-lasting energy for both the brain and body. Galactose forces the mitochondria to be active, which enhances an oxidative metabolism and increases fat burning. Galactose also helps make sure the brain gets enough energy to function properly, even when an insulin resistance is present, because galactose can be used by the brain without the need of insulin.

Galactose is an excellent source of energy and prevents a spike a blood sugar levels.

Gut Health Support: Tagatose

Tagatose is a sweet simple sugar (monosaccharide), with a very low glycaemic index and low-calorie content. Tagatose is naturally found in small amounts in dairy products and is derived from lactose. However, unlike lactose, tagatose can be tolerated by people with lactose intolerance. Tagatose is also naturally found in breast milk.

It helps prevents high blood sugar levels and supports the mineralization of the teeth. Tagatose also produces butyrate when digested, which suppresses inflammation in the colon. This nourishes the gut bacteria and supports our intestinal flora.

Sweet Mix for Sports Training is suitable for diabetics and those with a lactose intolerance.

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